10+ Floridians Who Fought Hurricane Irma With A Sense Of Humor, And Won The Internet


Florida is now fully swept up in Hurricane Irma, with damaging winds and flooding rain spreading all across the State. What do Floridians do in times of crisis such as these? Laugh it all off, as only the Sunshine State can.

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Of course, Irma is hardly anything to joke about. After ravaging the Caribbean last week, then making landfall in the US on September 10th, at least 46 people are dead (9 in the contiguous US) and upwards of $30 billion in damages has been caused. In Florida, more than 2.6 million people are without power, mass evacuation orders have been issued, and the ocean is literally pulling away from beaches. Still, the Floridian spirit remains untouched.

Take a break from harrowing tales of natural disaster, and scroll down to see the straight-up funniest jokes coming out of Irma-addled Florida.

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