15 Reasons Stupid People Should NOT Be Allowed On ‘Facebook’


Facebook is quite simple to use, don’t you imagine? You update your standing, upload a profile picture and like your friend’s post, and voila! That’s everything we do, but  the older generation only can’t apparently obtain the hang of it, you merely need to use a glance at some of these HILARIOUS social media blunders! These has you in stitches!

1.Susie understands exactly what she goddamn feels and you also won’t convince the girl usually. This woman is stern to put it mildly. Goodnight. 



2. Joseph isn’t pleased either – he threatens to sue Facebook for showing his birthday on their profile! We can’t cope LOL!


3. She only wished to upload a chicken meal, however with most of the articles and photographs on the newsfeed this senior lady got more than she bargained for! Adhere to cookbooks! 


4. This is totally uncomfortable! If this user misinterprets the ‘crying having a laugh’ emoji when talking about demise! Step from the emoji’s!


5. Will somebody please help Robb? Robb writes on ‘Walmart’s’ wall requesting help, this indicates they fixed their issue without once you understand just what it absolutely was! I usually understood ‘Walmart’ had been great!


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