Amazing Bridges For Animals Around The World That Save 1000s Of Animals Each And Every Year


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Animals evolved slowly over millions of years, giving them no time to adapt to sudden changes in their environment. One of the deadliest of these changes is the presence of massive metal objects – our cars – hurtling at speeds up to 100 mph on asphalt strips that suddenly crisscross ancient habitats. It’s no surprise that millions of animals are killed in auto collisions each year around the world.

Oh, and by the way, these collisions take thousands of human lives, too. Humans, being the most adaptable animal, have begun building bridges animals can use to cross our highways safely. They can be below ground, in the form of tunnels.

Or they can be above ground, like this one in Singapore. Together they mark a new way to make humankind’s romance with the automobile just a little safer for all Earth’s creatures.

Source: Pinterest

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