Black Panther Lego Sets Are Brick Like Me


Thor: Ragnarok is now a thing of the past, and Avengers: Infinity War looms over the horizon. But don’t forget that there’s still one more very important Marvel movie to get to before that epic team up. This February Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther solo film seems set to inject some much needed Afrofuturism into the white Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And if Black Panther winds up being as good as it looks, you’re of course going to want some merchandise. You’re in luck! Check out this first look at the upcoming Black Panther Lego toy sets. The king of Wakanda has king never looked so tiny.

Right now you can pre-order two Black Panther Lego sets: Rhino Face-Off by the Mine ($19.99) and Royal Talon Fighter Attack ($29.99). In the past eagle-eyed fans have tried to use Lego sets to learn new details about the films they are based on. But these sets don’t seem to contain too many Black Panther revelations.

Don’t get us wrong. These sets are loaded with awesome details. You can build Black Panther’s high-tech jet and an armored rhino. Plus there are cool new minifigs like T’Challa himself, Killmonger in both his initial outfit and later golden leopard-themed armor, Ulysses Klaw with his bionic blaster arm, and Dora Milaje warrior women Okoye and Nakia with their spear and disc blade weapons, respectively. However, we already knew most of those things were going to be in the movie and even saw them in various trailers.

Still, it’s pretty sweet we’re about to live in a world where Black Panther Lego sets exist. Maybe Lego can put out special Wakandan bricks made out of Vibranium, make them exclusive to Africa. Both sets release January 1, 2018, the final day of Kwanzaa. Black Panther arrives in theaters February 16, 2018.

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