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“Love sucks. Philo Harris is going to do something about it. After gaining the ability to see the Cupidae that make love work—after a particularly bad drunken decision—Philo ends up going to war with love itself. With a chainsaw.”

(W): Justin Jordan (A): Donal Delay (C): Omar Estevez, Felipe Sobreiro (Pages 1-5), (L): Rachel Deering

We’ve all been around, heard about or seen those “nice guys” before, haven’t we? The type that wants something more from you because they do nice things for you. They don’t know who you are but expect something from you because of what a good guy they are. They objectify without really objectifying and look above the surface instead of acknowledging you. Death of Love #1 introduces us to one of those nice guys by way of writer Justin Jordan with Donal Delay on art, Omar Estevez and Felipe Subreiro on colors and letting by Rachel Deering. Death of Love gives us a glimpse of what might be the “nice guy” finally getting what they deserve.

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Justin Jordan not only writes you a nice guy but a nice guy in the thick of it. Jordan pens a story with hilarious, sharp and witty dialogue that demands readers attention at the start. You know where Death of Love ends, but how did this character get to this point. Death of Love gives you the first to last of the love of a Nice Guy in his journey of… I have no idea. That’s one of the things to adore about this comic. You don’t know where everything is going to go, but you want to be along for the right to see how these characters will play out their quest for love.

Jordan excels tremendously when it comes to laying out his character-driven story. I instantly fell for Bob, Philo’s best friend and woke AF. Zoe, the girl of Philo’s pining over, is adorable as whoa, but Philo… Philo’s a piece of work. It’s tough to write a jerkball, especially a jerkball like Philo Harris, a central character who seems to have no redeeming features about him. That’s what makes him almost an accurately dickish, entertaining and thought-provoking character to put to the front.

He’s a jerk in every sense of the word, but that only makes it better when a Cupid is pointing an arrow directly at his face. Jordan’s narrative is telling a story that we all know and experience but done through the experience and perspective of the nice guy that makes the narrative super enjoyable to read. Also, a little of a life lesson of ‘Please don’t be like him.’

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Donal Delay’s art fits perfectly within the style of the humorous, yet lively world of Death of Love. Delay’s art truly compliments Jorden’s narrative to make the story come alive. He lends his pencils to create unique characters that are truly unique. That’s the one thing I adored about this comic. No two people were alike. Each have their personal distinct and distinctive features that set them apart (except for the cupids, but who can tell them apart anyway). Delay’s art also gives to some heavily crafted details, throughout the panels that provide an expressive enhancement to this world.

Speaking of expressive enhancements, I can’t wait for until this comic goes gory Evil Dead of Love with the red they splatter in the beginning. Omar Estevez and Felipe Sobreiro work together in harmony to give the same feeling for the comic in a totally different way. Sobreiro takes off with the colors in the first five pages, but then Estevez comes in for the rest. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I love when two colorists work who work on the same book can mend together so well. They mix these bland beiges and lighter colors with neon backs. It gives such a different atmosphere looking through each panel because it’s the weirdest colors to put together, but these two make it work so well.

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Rachel Deering’s lettering is unquestionably one of the coolest things in this comic. She places accordingly to let the douchebags shine. Deering places in a way to tell the reader “yes, yes that is exactly what he said.” She enables the reader to take a breath, but also allow them to have whatever gather on their platform. The best example of this is when Bob and Philo are going to hear a Prince of Persuasia (Bob’s Burgers fan here) talk. It’s one of the most artful letterings to match with Jordan’s character of this kind.

I’m incredibly excited to see where Death of Love will lead. It’s the epic a tale of a douchebag told in a hilariously crafty and remarkably witty way that leaves you thinking, but in stitches as well. Death of Love #1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shops. Oh! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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