Terrible Jokes

[ad_1] Terrible jokes I think I want a job cleaning mirrors.. it’s just something I could see myself doing Related Pictures ...

Perfect Place For That

[ad_1] Perfect place for that Is your wifi too expensive but you still want to game ? Related Pictures Back Next ...

Only A Matter Of Time

[ad_1] Only a matter of time It’s only a matter of time before my cat realizes that book is a decoy. Related...

Other Peoples Drama

[ad_1] Other peoples drama My wathing other peoples drama.. This is fun Related Pictures Back Next Popular Funny Pictures ...

What A Romantic

[ad_1] What a romantic I love you Christina , more than our disgusting dog loves to eat poop. Related Pictures Back ...

Sounds Like A Good Fix

[ad_1] Sounds like a good fix If we can’t fix your breaks we can at least make your horn louder. Related Pictures...

No Airbags Here

[ad_1] No airbags here We have no airbags, we die like real men in this car. Related Pictures Back Next ...

Grandma Finds Out

[ad_1] Grandma finds out What happens when grandma finds out you haven’t eaten all day long Related Pictures Back Next ...

Things People Find Offensive

[ad_1] Things people find offensive Things people find offensive, the 2015 edition .. part 1 Related Pictures Back Next Popular...

One Big Lie

[ad_1] One big lie A roadrunners top speed is 20mph while coyotes reach speeds of up to 43mph Related Pictures Back ...

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