Ceramicist Heesoo Lee Hand-Makes Sculptural Aspen Tree Vessels


    Ceramic Tree Vessels by Heesoo Lee

    Nature-loving ceramicist Heesoo Lee creates enchanting sculptural vessels that look like forests of aspen trees. Lee’s fascination with the majestic woodlands came from her time living in Colorado with her husband and fellow ceramicist, Adam Field. She explains, “I just fell in love with their shape. They look like a human, like a really feminine lady to me, really delicate. I just can’t stop painting them.”

    To achieve the delicate leaf-like texture, the Montana-based artist cuts and adds each porcelain piece by hand. Just like many of the best creative ideas, this process resulted from a happy accident, when Lee tried to cover a crack by adding more pieces.

    She achieves such vibrancy from multiple layers of underglaze, and many fine layers of pigmented clay. The stunning bowls and vases come to life as the layers of underglaze interact during firing in the kiln.

    You can purchase Lee’s forest-like ceramics on her Etsy page.

    Ceramicist Heesoo Lee creates sculptural vessels that resemble aspen tree woodlands.

    Ceramic Tree Vessels by Heesoo Lee Ceramic Tree Vessels by Heesoo Lee Ceramic Tree Vessels by Heesoo Lee Ceramic Tree Vessels Heesoo LeeCeramic Tree Vessels by Heesoo Lee

    Process is a major part of Lee’s work. She shares photos and videos of works-in-progress on her Instagram profile.

    Ceramic Tree Vessels by Heesoo Lee

    Heesoo Lee: Website | Instagram | Etsy
    h/t: [Lustik, Colossal]

    All images via Heesoo Lee.

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