Democrats Vote to Condemn ‘Designated Survivor’ TV Show???


1Good to See DEMS Using their Time Wisely

While the democrats insist that they know what’s best for the country, they continually prove how completely out of touch they are with both regular people and reality. Their latest ploy to cement their irrelevancy has them voting on a resolution to condemn the television show Designated Survivor. Seriously? This is part of the democrats agenda?

Designated Survivor is a show about a low-level cabinet member played by Keifer Sutherland, who becomes President after everyone else in the government gets blown up. Why do the democrats have a problem with this? Mostly because they are concerned about a whole host of things that are meaningless.

Wall Street Journal reporter Reid Epstein tweeted out the resolution that the Democratic National Committee will vote on at their meeting next week in Atlanta:


Resolution to admonish the ABC TV Show “Designated Survivor” and to defend FBI Director James Comey

WHEREAS, the ABC TV show “Designated Survivor” portrays a fictional FBI Director as being blackmailed into confessing to a crime he did not commit, and

WHEREAS, the portrayal of this situation is unbelievable and could result in the undermining of faith in the FBI, and

WHEREAS, the current Director of the FBI is James Comey, and

WHEREAS, Director Comey demonstrated in the recent 2016 election that he does not need to be blackmailed to engage in illegal partisan actions, and

WHEREAS, Director Comey’s infamous partisan and illegal letters resulted in the election of the man some refer to as “not my president,”

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that all US citizens are encouraged to have the same respect for the FBI as Director Comey demonstrated with his illegal actions.

As you can see this is some kind of attempt at snark, but it doesn’t make any sense. That which the democrats accuse James Comey of doing is different than what they say the fictional FBI Director in Designated Survivor did. Also, despite the title of the resolution, they aren’t really calling for an admonishment of the TV show, they are calling for people to disrespect Comey.

And that’s only a small part of what is wrong with this. Comey didn’t do anything illegal when he announced days before the election that there was an on-going investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal e-mail situation. He testified before Congress about the investigation earlier and was told to keep lawmakers apprised of any new developments. That’s what he did. He sent a letter to Congress saying they were looking into some addition things.

As for the idea that Comey stole the election for Donald Trump, that’s the most unintentionally laughable part about this. Hillary Clinton is a shitty person and she ran a shittier campaign. She ran on issues that nobody cared about and was completely out of touch with average Americans, who she insulted as “deplorable.” That’s why she lost.

Clearly the democrats have learned nothing by Hillary’s defeat as they have this ridiculous resolution on their agenda at their next meeting. Maybe they think that irrelevancy is cyclical, in that they can become so irrelevant that it will come around and they’ll be super-relevant. That’s not how things work, but as I said the democrats are pretty out of touch with reality.

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