Destiny rewards good friends with a two-player dance


Duo dance
In an effort to help Destiny survive the onslaught of the holiday season — Fallout 4Star Wars: Battlefront, and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void all dropped within the past couple of weeks — Bungie is implementing a refer-a-friend program. As you know from other MMOs and mobile games, if you get referred by a friend, you get in-game rewards — frequently in the form of some type of in-game currency. Destiny’s new program doesn’t reward traditional in-game currency, but rather the true, secret currency of the shared-world shooter: dance.

Bungie has yet to reveal the details regarding sign-ups, but they have revealed the rewards: two emotes, an emblem, a shader, and a sparrow. The emotes — a two-player dance and a high five — require cooperation between two players for the full effect. The shader (dubbed Infinite Link) is a black-and-red affair, the emblem (Sign of the Infinite) has a little chain link symbol, and the sparrow (the EV-34 Vector Infinite) has cute little neon trimmings that make it look like something you’d race in Tron, but does not have the ability to do tricks. Check out the items and dances below:

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