Funny story, I lost my kid in a shop and they wouldn’t give him back to me!


1Amazing Story!!

It happens to all parents at some point, your kid runs away in the ten seconds your back is turned while shopping. It’s a few minutes of panic before you are reunited when a staffer or shopper finds your kid. But what happens if your reunion is interrupted because they don’t believe you are the parent because your skin colour is different? Comedian Nama Winston can tell you.

A peaceful day suddenly turned to crap when my stealthy ninja three year old disappeared. As I frantically searched for him, I began to doubt my decision to have sent him on the Stealthy Ninja Training Camp for Three Year Olds the previous week. Two minutes later, the store loudspeaker announced that they had found a little boy. I Usain-Bolted to the Information desk, suddenly finding God and praying the kid was my son.

Breathless because I am extremely unfit, I rasped, “Where’s the little boy you found? Mine is missing.” The disinterested attendant indicated to a closed office behind her and said, “He’s in there. But he’s not your son.”

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