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Love is in the air for everyone, even comic book characters. There’s a lot of life updates with our favorite superheroes recently, especially in the love arena. Kitty has her impending wedding to Colossus, Batman and Catwoman are engaged, the list goes on and on. For this Valentine’s Day, Geek wants to give you some different comic couples that you might want to read for love. Some new, some old, some you’ll be meeting for the first time! Let’s get into 11 comic couple you’ll soon very much adore.

Rogue & Gambit (X-Men)
Comics to Read: Rogue & Gambit (2018) , Rogue & Gambit 

I know what you’re thinking. Why is Rogue & Gambit on every comic couple list? Because… have you read/seen that chemistry? It’s SO well down. It takes skill to write chemistry as strong and Rogue and Gambit’s and keep it that strong. Anne Marie (Rogue) and Remy (Gambit) are the top tier X-Men couple that you don’t forget. That’s why this couple has lasted throughout the rest of time, appearing here and there in most X-Men universes and on every comic couple list.

Rogue and Gambit check off all types of chemistry criteria that you can have. This couple has a similar history. They carry some of the same personality traits: stubborn, caring, protective and extremely loyal. Both are very rebellious in their own rights and care deeply about each other. Rogue and Gambit are always an on-off relationship, but when together that spark just ignites. Recently, they’ve kicked off their relationship with Kelly Thompson at the helm of a new 2018 series starring the infamous couple. (Spoilers: ITS SO GOOD.)

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Daisy Wooton & Ingrid Oesterle
Giant Days (BOOM! Studios)

Giant Days is an ongoing series that I can’t praise enough. This series is not only a superb look at friendships, dynamics, and college life but an exploration into character as told by John Allison. Through the eyes of Susan Ptolemy, Esther de Groot and Daisy Wooton, we’re given some realistic and down-to-earth moments that are striking and pretty coming of age.

Susan and Esther have had their own journies with love, but it’s Daisy’s that resonates with readers the most. Daisy slowly comes to terms with in later issues with her sexuality and attraction, still slowly figuring it out as she goes, but its when she meets Ingrid that her world is turned upside down. Ingrid is bold, brash, and not afraid to say whats on her mind and always down to have a good time. Opposite of our lovable, bookish Daisy. She’s still trying to discern love from lust through her relationship with Ingrid which is both adorable and exhausting.

Also, Daisy Wooton & Ingrid are adorable, but Susan and McGraw are the most realistic version of the ups and downs of an “adult” relationships, and it’s glorious.

Kim Reaper + Becka
Kim Reaper

What would you do if the girl you were crushing on was a Reaper? Becka has this exact dilemma with Kim, a cutie with a bootie with a side job of reaping animal souls (for now). These two works of art have to work together to be together, which isn’t always an easy thing to do. Becka doesn’t approve of Kim’s job what so ever, but Kim needs it to make living possible. It’s hard for Becka to understand why Kim needs to reap, but its hard for Kim to keep her job in the first place.

As frustrating as it gets, Kim is willing to compromise with Becka and Becka soon with Kim. They both find a way to make the reaping work and still smooch after. Kim Reaper is a comic I wish I had as a teenager, but so happy it’s available now. Sarah Graley’s comic is 100% pure certified adorable cuteness guaranteed to make you smile.

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Mitch & Jonas
Long Exposure

This webcomic is an absolutely delightful thrill ride every time a new episode uploads. Created, written and drawn by Mars, Long Exposure centers around Mitch and Jonas who stumbles upon something mysterious and top-secret that leads them to discover they have powers. With this, they try to figure out what their abilities can do and grow closer and closer each day.

I stumbled upon this on Tapas and was instantly blown away. Mars builds such a unique world and creates such a dynamic between the two characters with such a fantastic slow-burn romance. They’ve created lightning in a bottle with this comic. You’ll instantly fall for the both of them, wanting the best for them as well, even though there are still many obstacles to climb. Mars has accumulated an enormous fan base surrounding Long Exposure that amps the comic up and makes it even better. If you haven’t heard of this charming webcomic, it’s never too late to start and support the creator!

Alana and Marko
Saga (Image Comics)

If you haven’t been reading Saga, you’re missing the best sci-fi space opera since Star Wars. I’m not joking. Saga is one of those comics that you’ll never forget, even if you just read it once. However, Alana and Marko are a couple that sticks with you forever. Alana and Mario fall in love in a time where things are escalating very quickly, and this feels like the last thing people (and they) needed.

In the mist of them being on the run, Alana gets pregnant. So, to protect their growing family and a galaxy that wants them apart, they continue to defend themselves and do the best that they can to say together. Alana is bold and brash, brilliant and unapologetic. Marko is kind, protective and you will fall head over heels for him. Saga also has the couple going through realistic ups and downs of their relationship, but they stick it out and come together. You gotta read Saga. Best ugly cry you’ll have this Valentine’s Day.

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Billy Kaplan (Wiccan) & Teddy Altman (Hulkling) (Young Avengers)
Comics to Read: Children’s Crusade, Young Avengers

Young love can be complicated. Young love while also saving the planet, falling IN love and finding out your origin is a tiny bit more complicated than planned. Billy Kaplan, mutant son of Scarlet Witch and Teddy Altman, a Kree/Skrull hybrid is the epitome of young love that just… works.

They’re not only fantastic for each other but work together to make everything better. Teddy pulls Wiccan up from his depression, Wiccan focuses Teddy. If you believe soulmates exist, I’d say Billy and Teddy are the perfect case study for it. They’ve swung in and out of the superhero life throughout their runs in the comic, but always want to focus on their lives together. If Marvel is still up for weddings after Kitty/Colossus tie the knot, this engaged couple should have their go at a super cute wedding special.

Alison “Ally” Carter & Lisa Williams

Sunstone (Top Cow Productions & Image Comics)

BDSM has never been so seductive and alluring than it is in Sunstone. Stjepan Šejić creates a romantic, erotic and downright tempting comic that will leave you out of breath. Fifty Shades of Grey is absolute and utter fluff compared to everything Sunstone has to offer (and so much better too, no offense FiftyShaders).

Allison and Lisa come together to fulfill each other needs and deepest fantasies. They seem like the opposites of each other at first and only desire one thing. Things become complicated once they learn their hearts beat a little faster after they spend even more time together. They find something more than friction that leads them to love. In this comic, the slow-burn of Allison and Lisa going through lust, heartbreak, jealousy, etc. fuels a fire in you to keep going. Allison and Lisa learn how to trust their feelings among the complications while keeping true to themselves and bonding in love.

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Sarah and Stef
Our Super Adventure

Is it probably cheating to have two comics by the same creator on your list right? It might be cheating, even more, when that creator is also the creator you’re writing about now. Well, too late to turn back now! Sarah Graley is already a the cuteness that brought us Kim Reaper, but she’s made also released diary comics chronicling her many adventures with her partner Stef.

Our Super Adventure and the spin-off, Our Super American Adventure brings us a small glimpse into the misadventures of the couple with their fur babies in tow. There’s something so lovely about reading these comics, not only are Sarah and Stef entirely made for each other, but they’re funny with a slice of couple goals for everyone. You can tell how much they get and understand each other. These aren’t characters, but people, but they’re way too cute in comic form not to add.

Bucky Barnes & Natasha Romanoff (Marvel)
Comics to Read: Captain America Vol. 5, Black Widow Vol. 3

Need another couple with some insane chemistry that will make you open a window? Look no further than Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff. I feel like Bucky and Nat need no introduction, so let me make this short and quick. Bucky and Nat have this undeniable magnetic chemistry that piles on top of the crazy tension of any situation their in. They fit just as perfectly as Captain America and Bucky would fit. (Dear Tumblr, someone write that polyamorous fic, please. Link me.) They’re quietly loud about their affection towards one another, which often requires them to hide, so no one discovers it. However, when they come together, it’s explosive.

Need any more proof that you should read the comics above to start or your Bucky/Nat thirst? Let our wonderous, Bucky-loving babe herself, our boss editrix Sheilah Villari to shh your doubt and get you reading, “Both of those are really good…in the second one they have crazy sex haha.” Treat yo self this Valentine’s Day guys.

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Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge (Archie Comics)
Comic to Read: Archie Vol. 1, Classic Archie Double Digests

Hear me out. I’m forever an advocate of Archie being by himself in a dark room while his guitar gently weeps. You can find me picketing that he very much needs to choose loneliness instead of a girl. Betty needs to be in a functioning relationship with someone from Greendale. (Preferably a cute warlock, Archie comics, call me.) Veronica should totally be with Reggie. However, I’ve also chosen to believe that Archie, Betty, and Veronica could always work as a polyamorous couple… gone wrong. 

This relationship is a toxic one for all parties involved, but somehow they remain very close friends and usually okay with the situations in front of them. They still hang out, date each other, know about each other, but the jealousy and emotions are still very much present. It doesn’t have to be that way. These kids would work if all parties involved Archie, Betty, and Veronica are not exactly a great couple, but the potential is there. Also, listen to SZA’s “The Weekend,” and I dare you not to think of them.

It’s indeed a shame with the release of Black Panther so near that we won’t be able to see these two share their electric chemistry on screen… yet. Nevertheless, we’ll still have the comic books until Marvel decides to share the romance of Ayo and Aneka.

Aneka, a combat and tech trainer for the Dora Milaje and Ayo, a member of the Dora Milaje, is probably the best definition of a “ride or die” relationship. Ayo recused Aneka when she is sentenced to prison for killing a man who was hurting women left and right. Ayo took armor of her own and went, by herself, to rescue Aneka. That’s some badassery if I do say so myself. Since then, Aneka and Ayo have confessed their love for each other and continue to fight side by side. The pair is protective of each other, share small and tender intimate moments are just… the absolute best. If you don’t think the MCU is missing on one of the best love stories in its ranks, read World of Wakanda and your heart will melt (and shatter, but melt again).


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