Hasbro’s Mighty Muggs: Because Funko Pops Have Soulless Eyes


If you know me, you know I love Funko Pops. Actually, that’s a lie, but I respect Funko Pops. Simple molds to make inexpensive collectibles across a mind-boggling range of properties. It’s both a good business model and a good way to make figurines accessible to casual collectors. I mean, I hate them with a passion myself, but that’s because I know Funko can do so much better when they use more complex molds and keep closer to on-model designs for their vinyl figures.

Anyway, Funko Pops. Squat bodies, big heads, creepy soulless eyes that lots of people love. But if you don’t like the Funko Pop design, Hasbro has an alternative: Mighty Muggs. They’re shaped similar, have giant heads, and are about $11 a pop. And, since Hasbro is one of Disney’s biggest licensing partners for toys, they have lots of Marvel and Star Wars figures to collect. They also have eyes with irises and sclera, not just little black beads of alien perception. Each one also has three facial expressions, too.

Hasbro sent us a box of four Mighty Muggs with the cringe-inducing hash tag #MUGGLIFE on the packaging. Here are the Mighty Muggs of Neo-Jedi heroine Rey and popular learning experience Poe Dameron from Star Wars and monarchical technocrat Black Panther and complex procyonid Rocket Raccoon from Marvel.

The bodies of all four of these figures are nearly identical, inline with Funko Pops and Kidrobot’s Munny vinyl figures. Round with LEGO minifigure-like hands and feet, easy for standing up and cheap to produce. You can move the arms up and down a little, but that’s about it. Rey comes with a lightsaber that’s just a simple tube with a little ring between the grip and the transparent blade, and everyone else is empty-handed.

Hasbro adds an extra function to the collectible vinyl figure formula by giving Mighty Muggs different facial expressions. Instead of just one painted face, their huge heads are cylinders with three expressions painted on them, like Man-E-Faces from He-Man. These face-heads are capped with big, molded hair or helmets that hide a spinning mechanism. Pressing down on the head turns the face a notch, changing the figure to the next expression.

It’s a neat gimmick that lets you change your Mighty Muggs’ look based on your mood. The mechanism is completely hidden and seems fairly sturdy, so you can switch between angry Rey and happy Rey on a whim without dealing with anything more complex than pressing down on her head.

I don’t know if I’ll ever quite get vinyl figures like these. I’m more of an on-model guy, and when I go chibi I go full weeb with Nendoroids. But these Mighty Muggs are fun, inexpensive figures with much more expressive eyes and the same low price tag as Funko Pops, and they’re a pretty good alternative if you’re into this type of figure.


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