Man Creates Playable Organ From Furby Bodies, Summons Satan, Dooms Humanity


The finished product (via Zach Levine)

There is an organ made out of furbies. That is 1) a thing that exists and 2) a thing that this is absolutely terrifying. There are 44 of these little guys in all, and with the flip of a switch, they all come whirring to life with mangled, grotesque voices and eerie, uncoordinated movements.

A bit into it, YouTuber Samm Battle of Look Mum No Computer, shows off the ability to control all of them simultaneously. At first forcing their little beak-y faces to hold a specific note, which is as demonic-sounding and blood-curdling as it sounds. With an early 00s English punk affect, Battle explains that he’s been working on this technological terror for seven years. And that definitely shows.

As the video gets going, Battle makes a number of cracks about the toys *actually* being self-aware before busting out the one true composer furby and getting to work playing some basic tunes. The lil’ furbs speak between the notes they’re called to sing, so, the whole thing is a bit otherworldly, with discordant furbish tones mixed into chopped up phrased all starting and stopping on a dime. It’s some really creepy shit.

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