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It can be very difficult trying to tell identical twins apart sometimes, let alone identical quadruplets! So one Chinese mom came up with a practical, no-nonsense way to fix the matter of telling her quadruplet sons apart. Once the internet saw pictures of this serviceable solution, she and her boys soon garnered worldwide attention!

The four identical boys, Jiang Yunlong, Jiang Yunxiao, Jiang Yunhan, and Jiang Yunlin are quadruplet brothers who live in the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in southern China. Apparently, the Chinese brothers look so similar that even their own father has given up on trying to tell them apart.

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“My sons are identical, even to me. Even now, their father can’t tell which one is which. Sometimes, he punishes the second one for something the third one has done,” the boys’ mother, Tan Chaoyun, told local media.

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To resolve the confusion, mom came up with a bright idea! In 2012, when the then six-year-old boys were getting ready for their first day of primary school, their mother decided to give them extreme haircuts.

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The boys were each assigned a number: 1, 2, 3 and 4, which was then shaved on that corresponding son’s head to facilitate easy identification! In this way, there would be no issues, neither for their teachers nor their parents, in telling the boys apart.

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“Teachers and classmates can’t get confused with the big marks on their head,” said their mother.

This would also ensure that the boys would be unable to shift the blame to another sibling when one was up to mischief.

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The quadruplets’ bold hairstyles attracted much attention when they arrived at school!

Since then, the adorable boys have become famous; indeed, they’ve become child actors in China.

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