MovieBob Reviews: BLACK PANTHER (2018)


Is Black Panther good?

Okay, but is it “especially” good or just another really well-polished, solid Marvel movie?
No, it’s an exceptional film – Marvel or otherwise. Probably the best of its type since The Avengers (the first one.)

What’s it about?
Set not long after the title character’s introduction in Captain America: Civil War, the film takes place all but entirely in Wakanda. Which is a secret civilization hid in central Africa whose science, technology and culture have been light-years ahead of the rest of the world for centuries owing to being built on a gigantic supply of the valuable mineral “vibranium.” But as the newly-crowned King, T’Challa, ascends to both the throne and the symbolically power-armored mantle of “The Black Panther;” the outside world is finally catching up with Wakanda and threatening to discover their long-kept secrets. When a confrontation with an old enemy reveals a surprisingly new and deadly threat, the new King and his allies they encounter new challenges. They must face not only the unanswered mistakes of their ancestors but the prospect of how their world can open itself up and change for the better without putting Wakanda in danger or seeing Wakandan weapons used the endanger the rest of the world.

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