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Are you counting down the days until you start potty training? Or maybe you’ve already tried and had a less than successful attempt? Here are some potty training tips based on the one thing we hear again and again: Your child must be good and ready. And do not worry, your child will be one day. “No child will graduate in diapers,” says Carol Cline, bestselling author of the Start Potty Training program.

“But it’s so easy to get hung up on the fear of your baby being a certain age and are not fully potty trained yet, which puts much pressure and both the child and parent, turning potty training into a race against the clock.

“Once you’re convinced that your child is ready to abandon their diapers forever (watch for signs showing an interest in the toilet, wants to try flushing, or wants to be changed immediately after pooping), try one of these things to make it easier.

  • Give reading out loud (together) a try! Pick one of the excellent books out there that describe the potty being used as part of their growth. My favorite is Toilet Learning, written by Alison Mack. It incorporates beautiful Illustrations depicting firefighters, doctors, babysitters, parents, and they all go to the bathroom to delight and educate the child. Looking at same-sex parent or older brother is also bound to strengthen this process.
  • If your child has a fear of failure, it is important that when your child makes a little mistake, your answer is not in a tired or punishing tone of voice. Instead, say something like, “Oops, you missed the potty. one day very  soon you will make it to the potty every time. We will try again.” Tell them that accidents when learning are just fine and your child will be a pro in no time.
  • Once they actually do properly use their potty, leave it alone for a little while so they can admire the good job they did. Praise your child, but do not be too excited because it can become easy for them to feel even more pressure to always do a good job.

Out of all the potty training tips out there this single one if the most important…

Always use a proven and time tested method such as Carol Clines Start Potty Training Program. Caro Cline has not already helped literally thousands of parent’s potty train even the most stubborn of children in 3 days flat but her Start Potty Training program has a solid 97.4% success rate.

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