Quirk Books Wants You to Have a Very Manfried V-Day


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Forgot to get a card and in a hurry to get a Valentine for your sweetheart? Looking for one filled with adorable art and purrfect cat puns? Well, Quirk Books has given Geek an exclusive look at these majorly adorably cute Valentine’s Day cards from the creators of the comic series Manfried the Man.

Manfried the Man, created by Caitlin Major and Kelly Bestow, revolves around a universe where cats keep humans for pets instead of the other way around. Think of Garfield keeping Jon as a pet, so cool right?! Steve (our anthropomorphic cat), is the owner of stray human Manfried, who takes him in warms to the little guy immediately. When Manfried goes missing, Steve goes above and beyond to get his little friend back home by any means.

via Quirk Books

These Valentine’s Day cards, by Major and Bestow, gives us a little glimpse of the world of Manfried the Man. The Valentine’s are not only charming, and inviting and tell you precisely what your Valentine needs to hear. Are they “Your Favorite Human”? There’s a card for that! Wanna just exclaim how purrfect you think your sweetie is? There’s a card for that! I don’t have a valentine this year, but I swear if I did, I’d present them with one of these cuties. Mmm, you know what? I may just present them to a couple of my friends just for the adorable of it all.

via Quirk Books

If you’d like to snag one of these fabulous little valentines, take a look through the gallery below and pick one out for someone you love and care about!

Manfried the Man is now available for pre-order. This amazingly cute graphic novel is set to release May 1st, 2018. You can find pre-order links through Amazon.


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