Rotten Tomatoes Has Given This New Horror Movie About Race 100%


1Don’t See It Alone

The trailer made me curl up with my fingers over my face so I can only imagine what the entire movie will be like.

Get Out is a psychological thriller directed by actor Jordan Peele, who is most notably known for his comedy acts.

It follows a black man going to visit his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time in upstate New York. But things quickly get weird when they hit a deer with their car. I’ll let the trailer do the talking:


Rotten Tomatoes has it ranked at 100% from 65 reviews with the critics consensus stating, “Funny, scary, and thought-provoking, Get Out seamlessly weaves its trenchant social critiques into a brilliantly effective and entertaining horror/comedy thrill ride.”

The movie premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival where it received also positive reviews.

Benjamin Lee from The Guardian said: “Get Out is designed to lift the facade of post-racial America and showcase the ugliness that lies beneath. What’s quite astounding is not only how sharply he manages this but that he does so while also crafting a terrifying horror film.

Peele told USA Today he wanted to explore, “the fears of being an outsider.”

“It just seemed to be a very taboo piece of the discussion to talk about something so horrific as racism in any type of genre other than a film about slavery or something.”

In an interview with IGN, Peele also said: “I knew that the only way to make this movie work, besides getting the tone right, was that the plot would have to reveal the judgments and the presumptions we would have about the movie are in fact our presumptions.”

The film is released in the US tomorrow while UK audiences will have to wait until 17 March.

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