Someone Crammed Half a Terabyte Into a microSD Card


The laptop I’m writing this post on has a 512GB SSD in it. It’s more than enough room for all my files. My phone doesn’t have nearly that kind of capacity, but it could… if it just had a micro SD slot.

That’s because UK-based Integral Memory has just unveiled a new micro SD card that packs a whopping, 512GB. It’s the highest-capacity micro SD card in the world right now. Intel snatched the title belt away from SanDisk, who offered up a 400GB card late last year.

Integral’s new card gives over 25% more space to store your pictures, videos, tunes, e-books… heck, you might as well toss a few dozen of your favorite feature-length films on it just in case you feel like watching one at some point while you’re out and about.

Since it’s certified for class 10 speeds, you won’t have to wait around forever for file transfers to complete. Writes will hum along at least 10MB/s (good enough to support full 1080p video recording) — read operations are about nine times faster, according to Integral’s product page.

Integral also throws an SD adapter in the package so that you can use their capacious new card in digital cameras and laptops.

The card should work in any device that’s microSD HC/XC compatible, though you don’t need to worry about that quite yet. Integral says the cards will go on sale in February, so you’ve still got a couple of weeks of waiting to do.

Integral hasn’t revealed how much the cards will cost, either. What we do know is that they’ll be sold in the U.K. and Europe. Those of you who aren’t keen on ordering goods from across the pond will have to wait for someone like Sandisk or Kingston to answer the bell.


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