Tiny Countertop Dishwasher Cleans Your Dishes in Just Minutes


Washing dishes by hand isn’t just tedious, it’s also wasteful. In fact, some experts estimate that using a dishwasher uses ten times less water.

Over the course of a year that can add up to 1500 gallons in an average American household. Not everyone has room in the kitchen for a traditional dishwasher, however. And not everyone needs a machine that can wash an entire Christmas dinner’s worth of dishes.

Why not invest in a compact, countertop model? Maybe even that good-looking little number up there. That’s the Tetra, a radically different dishwasher from the clever folks at Heatworks.

What’s so special about Tetra? Well, for starters, take a closer look at the image. At first glance you may not have noticed that there’s no hose running to the kitchen faucet. That’s not just because it’s a marketing photo.

The Tetra actually doesn’t need to be connected to your home’s water supply. You supply it manually when you’re ready to run a wash cycle. Fill up most of an empty two-liter pop bottle and pour it in, then fire up Tetra and let it do its thing.

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