Tokyo Otaku Mode Launches New Otaku Coin Virtual Currency


Virtual currencies are one of the biggest new crazes out there, for some reason, and it seems like everyone’s trying to get in on it. But the company Tokyo Otaku Mode has an interesting new idea for a type of currency that lets otaku and anime fans earn a special kind of coin by doing the things they’re already spending time doing to earn fun items, experiences, and more. It’s called Otaku Coin, and it’s the newest addition to the growing list of virtual currencies to utilize blockchain technology.

Otaku Coin is meant to help fans connect with their favorite creators so they can do their part when it comes to supporting anime and manga that they enjoy. Otaku Coin is looking to allow people to back new anime projects as well as those who create the content themselves. It’s a type of currency meant to help the entire anime industry in different ways that are currently available — like buying DVDs and Blu-rays and other official releases.

Otaku Coin can be earned in some very simple ways. You can watch anime, write reviews, or share special content. If you do these things and earn enough currency, you may even be able to eventually visit Japan, participate in special events, and get other goodies. It sounds like a great system in theory, but will it actually work? That’s the part that seems a bit iffy. It’s already being backed by the CEO of Anime News Network Christopher Macdonald, Oculus VR founder Palmer Lucky, and virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai.

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