Twin Visits Sister At Hospital Before She Gives Birth And Unexpectedly Goes Into Labor There Too


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Rachael McGeoch and Beccy Pistone are identical twin sisters from Massachusetts. You can imagine their excitement when they learned that not only were they both pregnant, but their due dates were only two weeks apart!

Rachael and Beccy couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it would be to go into labor on the same day and at the same hospital. But since the sisters live two hours away from one another, they ultimately planned to deliver their babies in separate hospitals.

Rachael’s due date passed and still no baby. About a week later, she was induced at the hospital — on Beccy’s due date. But Beccy wasn’t going into labor, either.

So, wanting more than anything to be there for her sister, Beccy and her husband drove all the way from Cape Cod just so they could be together.

They thought their togetherness would perhaps move the labors along. But neither really expected what would happen next.

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